I met her winter of 2013

Clueless and lonely

she walked me home in the cold

met mom and dad and decided

it was worth giving me a shot


Every weekday was filled

with the joy of her

Laughing and singing off key

playing stupid card games in the cafeteria

bonding over the ridiculous things our parents do


I wanted to be like her


I saw it in the way that she spoke

the way she moved

the way she could command the room

with a single word

holding the attention

of both children and adults


I saw it in the way she slapped the boy

who kept making sexist jokes

that was what I was looking for

That unapologetic bravery and strength


Crop tops and ripped jeans

Politics arguments men

Poetry love music and more poetry

and I fell in love


I filled my days with her

made her a goddess of love and strength

everything I needed to hold on to

was all within her soul.


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